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The Uhuru Surfcraft name, logos and designs are Trademark of Uhuru


:: The Uhuru Movement ::


At Uhuru, we strive to create products that reflect your lifestyle and personality or as we like to say, "Vehicles for the expression of self".  To compliment our solid and cutting edge designs, we want your surfboard to be personal and highlight your interests and creativity.  Every Uhuru product is created as a unique, one of a kind project.  We achieve this through our perfectionist's approach toward shaping and custom airbrush, artwork and design.  


We take our custom approach and artistic passion one step further by offering one of a kind board art with our Artistic Board Design (ABD) Series.  The ABD Series is like nothing you have ever seen and is sure to be the centerpiece of your home or business.   


We are a family run business.  Artists who truly enjoy what we do.  We measure our success by the amount of happiness our products bring to you.  If you are stoked on UHURU then let us know


Thanks for stopping by our site!  Check us out for your next dream board.



:: What's it mean? ::
:: Latest News ::


Good question.  Simply put, Uhuru means 'Freedom' and is pronounced (you-HOO-roo).  

Uhuru is a word that has it's origins in Africa and is part of the Swahili language. Uhuru has been used as the battle cry of many freedom movements and revolutions. To us, Uhuru is about expression, creativity, exploration.  The freedom to be.


Take a closer look at our logo:


The "U" represents the human figure, arms raised as a symbol freedom.  


We hope you find your freedom in your dreams, passions and pursuits.

 is alive:       NEW

Our unique process that allowed you to get wildly custom with your art and graphics on your Uhuru Surfboards is now available to everyone, regardless of who is building your board! From your personal images and designs to logos to promote your business or product, the sky is the limit with this process. 


For more info, stock and customizable designs please visit our Sister site:


Sean Herman discovers the "Tube":       NEW

Fun new product video for IKA laboratory equipment which features Uhuru team rider Sean Herman. Uhuru was very happy to collaborate with IKA on this project and big props to Sean for his surfing and acting skills. Check out the video here.


Uhuru featured in the 2012 Surfboard Buyers Guide:    NEW    

Surfer Magazine's 2012 Surfboard Buyers Guide is now available in print to subscribers and at your local surf shop. An online version of the guide is also available on the Surfer Website


Marc Contreras {Kona Red}:       NEW

Marc does it again. Check out his perfect blend of attack and style in the video for Kona Red.


Marc Contreras {Team Uhuru}:     

Fresh new surf video featuring Uhuru team rider Marc Contreras. Marc is a soulful, progressive and hard working surfer from Newport Beach, CA. Check out his latest video and see for yourself!


Cliff Kapono {Team Uhuru - Board Demos}:     

New footage from Uhuru team rider Cliff Kapono. Check out Cliff's artful eye and Irie spirit as he puts his new Uhuru quiver through the paces in Hawaii. Check the video


Online Catalog :: "Surf Free Or Die" :     

Our new catalog is now available for your online viewing. Have fun "flipping" the pages of this virtual catalog. Check it out... 



Check out Uhuru's profile on Facebook. If you love surfing and some unique surfboards, become our friend ... 


ReRip Interview :      

Uhuru profiled on


 E3 Series on the move :

Attitudes toward surfboard construction are changing.  Our E3 line continues to be our  #1 seller. E3's are lighter, stronger, livelier and more environmentally friendly then your traditional surfboard.  For more details click here


Get an account, get a board:    

Uhuru is a growing company thanks to the grass-roots support of people like you!    We believe that if you approach what you do with passion, such as building well imagined surfboards, that people will take notice. 


We rely on the positive feedback that our satisfied customers spread to their circle of friends.  With that said, Uhuru is calling on you to spread the word!  If you think your local surf shop would be stoked on carrying Uhuru products then let them know about us.  If your lead results in a new account, we'll give you a brand spankin' new custom surfboard.  For details and support drop a line to